Does genetic engineering improve the nutritional quality of foods?No. There are no GE foods on the canada goose jakker børn market in which nutritional quality is enhanced beyond a non GE food counterpart.Is the act of genetic engineering precise?No. The entire foundation of GE is that the introduction of one foreign gene,canadagoosetilbud bacteria or virus into a plant will activate one protein, producing one desired effect and nothing more. But this ignores basic science the chances of harmful unintended consequences with GE are substantially increased:[i]

One gene often creates multiple proteins The location of the gene often varies, which can affect whether it produces the desired protein or not The insertion of the gene can disrupt the genetic blueprint of the plant The new gene can either silence other genes that were normally active or activate other genes that were silent



A promoter (typically a virus) is usually added that helps the gene activate a desired protein. However, it may also activate other proteins that were silent, which could lead to harmful effects on humans.What evidence of harmful effects are there?The deadliest incident occurred in the food supplement l tryptophan, which had been used safely canada goose danmark fake by millions of people as a sleep aid for decades. However, when a Japanese company produced a GE version in the late 1980’s, thousands of people contracted an extremely painful, serious disease, EMS, that killed at least 37 and left thousands with disabilities, including paralysis.[ii]The FDA subsequently removed virtually all l tryptophan canada goose jakke armygrøn off the market, although only the GE version was linked to EMS.